Wall Construction Detail and Open House Thanks

First and foremost I wanted to sincerely thank everyone who was able to make it to our open house. We were pleasantly surprised and excited that so many folks came to see what we are doing. I certainly had my work cut out for me keeping all the cheese and crackers stocked. It was great to hear all the support we had from the community. I also wanted to give a huge thanks to Mark and David of our construction team for working extra hard and putting in extra time to get everything ready. Thank y'all!

We have recently added a wall detail to our "design specifications" tab. For those who were able to make it to our open house, this is the computer rendition of the mock wall section that was on display. For those of you who couldn't make it, I hope this is illuminating. This detail acts as a great visual aid in showing how we put everything together and how our design is so effective.

wall to foundation detail

As you can see the insulation is continuous throughout, even through the hemlock beams. The copper flashing goes in and up and is taped to the ZIP sheathing keeping moisture out. No joinery is used for the siding as they are simply slid into grooves and airspace behind the siding keeps everything nice and dry.

That's all for now! I'll be posting more updates soon. Until then, here is a teaser of the latest model we have been working on to be released soon! It's a two story, two bedroom square with a hipped roof that is especially compact and efficiently spaced. 

new tiny timber model rendering