Constructing the Prototype

The first wall is up!


A lot has happened since beginning construction. The concrete piers were poured, the wall frames were assembled and set, and the first floor deck was built. Although this may sound fairly straight forward, there was a great deal of complexity that went into preparing the posts and beams. Namely, each piece had to be notched and cut just so for it all to fit together like a puzzle. It's a wood craftsman project as much as it is a construction project.

There are a multitude of benefits to using a notched post and and beam construction. They may be more tedious to implement but in our opinion it's worth it. Our end goal is to streamline this process in the production of our kits so all the tedium is alleviated from home buyers and those interested in buying kits. The benefits are as follows:

    1.  A notched wooden structure adds durability due to the strength of its interlocking joints.

    2.  Notching allows you to eliminate unnecessary joint hardware.

    3.  A notched joint simply looks nicer than the alternative.

Also, as can be seen in the picture above, a groove has been cut out of the center of the pillars. This allows us to slide tongue and groove boards, interlocked, into place, reducing the need for fasteners. In the end its a lot like putting together Lincoln Logs, really heavy Lincoln Logs. Buzz assembled the west side wall apart from the rest of the house in order to make the process a little easier since this was the first attempt st putting it all together. Here are some really great pictures that give a glimpse into how the wall was assembled.

In the future we intend to change the design slightly so that modular sections of the wall are built separately and then assembled afterwords. Hopefully this will streamline construction. But for now we need to focus on getting the rest of the siding and roofing on before winter comes. We are excited about how things are coming along!