Tiny Timber Goes Tiny


Tiny Timber has big news to share! But before we get to that let me give a very brief overview of what we have been up to the last half a year: building, building, advocating for quality affordable middle-income housing in Tompkins County, and building some more. Things have been going well for us. We have kept busy. You may have witnessed some of our homes going up on West Hill, out Ellis Hollow Road, and right outside of Brooktondale. In the flurry of operations however, we feel that we have slightly lost sight of our original concept and mission: to create quality affordable homes through innovation.

The cost of housing in Tompkins County continues to rise. Demand for housing continues to go up and the added supply to housing stock is not keeping pace. Thus, the rising cost. A large part of the issue is that the cost of new construction is expensive and even with the added demand, there is little incentive to delve into single family home construction, especially in the middle-income price range. Construction of low-income housing is made possible by grants and housing assistance. Construction of high-income housing is possible for reasons I’m sure I don’t need to illustrate. This leaves out middle-income housing. This is referred to in the housing world as the “missing middle.”

We were on a trajectory of needing continually to raise prices on our homes to viable. This is not something that we are willing to do because we care about addressing a community need and not limit ourselves to selling only to affluent folks.

So what’s the big news? Why is this preface so long?? Well I’ll get right to it. As you may have gleaned from the title of this post, Tiny Timber is going small! We are going to transition into being a modular home builder. This will allow us to provide housing to the aforementioned missing-middle that is so in need. We are releasing an entirely new set of models between 400 square feet up to around 1,100 square feet priced between $150/sqft and $200/sqft. These homes can be finished entirely in our mill and delivered to site on trailers. Very soon we will be rolling out this new line on our website so stay tuned!

We are currently finished up our first concept model as seen in the photos above. It’s just a taste of what’s to come. This Tiny Home is up for sale! The home is 330 square feet and priced at $75,000. If you are interested in purchasing the home, please feel free to drop us a line! We also have a home currently listed in Brooktondale for those who are interested. The listing can can be found HERE.