Varna community

The Cottages at Fall Creek Crossing

We are thrilled to announce the release of our new website for The Cottages at Fall Creek Crossing (at formerly known as Varna Tiny Timber. These homes are now officially on the market and ready to be sold! I urge anyone who is interested to peruse the new site and the listings posted on Brent Katzmann's Warren Real Estate page. We are very excited about what we have put together and hope you like it as well.  Thank you to those who have been waiting patiently for this news. It turns out that site plan and storm water management take a bit of time to iron out.

We have also significantly updated our model selection. Take a look! We added a few new models and phased out models that we don't think work as well. The "Models" tab has been changed to "Example Models" because the list of models is an ever evolving list. We don't want to give the impression that we are restrictive with model options and interior layout.

To be honest, the naming of models has become surprisingly difficult. We want to keep things as straightforward as possible in the way that our model options are organized and separated into series. There has been so much design overlap that it is difficult to categorize what we have. The easy thing to do would be to name our models arbitrary names like "The Charlotte." I'm not too fond of the idea but there are only so many iterations of cube names that we can come up with. It does make me very happy that we have a model named "Cuboid." It sounds like an 80's arcade game character.

We have posted two new galleries of completed homes on the Tiny Timber website. You can view them HERE. We are proud of the craftsmanship of our crew and the finishes on Tiny Timber homes continue to get better and more refined. I continue to be impressed by the way that our stairs are coming out. The big wooden homemade block treads, homemade railings, steel spindles, and steel stringers all come together so nicely. In the words of our fearless leader Buzz, "dude, these are cool."

There are a couple of new building methods that are also worth mentioning. Firstly, we have started doing our basement ceilings a little differently. Instead of using traditional floor joists and dry-walling the basement ceiling, we have started using rough cut hemlock beams with hemlock boards on top to create the same aesthetic as the ceiling on the first floor (see top right). Secondly, we have just started fabricating entire wall and roof sections in our mill (see bottom right). The wall sections will then be shipped to the job site to be assembled using picks and a crane. We are really excited about this change in method because we think (fingers crossed) that it will be much more efficient and save everyone time and headache. Our crew is pretty happy about it too because they get to work in the warm mill and not in the freezing cold out on the man lift. Win, win!

That's all for now. We here at Tiny Timber hope you all had a lovely holiday season!

Concern for Community in Varna

Recently an article was published in the Ithaca Times featuring Carol Whitlow about dense duplex developments in Varna, NY and its effect on community. It highlights how in a small town like Varna, constructing densely populated development is incongruous and fragments the sense of community and neighborly relations. High density housing in an otherwise low density area promotes a commuter lifestyle that is cut off from the rest of the surrounding community. You can read the article in it's entirety here: Varna Development Not According to Plan

As some of you may know, Tiny Timber is currently seeking approval on a development plan in Varna, The draft layout can be seen on our previous post! Working with the community and promoting community development is exactly what we strive to do with Tiny Timber. I reached out to Carol to get feedback from the community on the development that we are working on. What she said resonated so well with what we are trying to do that I would like to share her words with you:

"The first best thing about Tiny Timbers is that it is locally owned.  The company is part of our community, which hopefully implies they feel a commitment and responsibility to build positive relationships with clients through providing a welcome product.

Varna needs more homes for young professionals and families to settle in. We need a "neighborhood" where homes have a connection to one another. Whatever happened to borrowing a cup of sugar from your neighbor when you're in the middle of making muffins?  First, you have to know your neighbor! Let's not encourage jumping in the car for every little need. Let's think about sustainable life styles. People are becoming more minimalist.  They can get what they need when they need it, if they really do, and don't need to stock and store it for potential future use like our grandparents did. We don't need the houses with huge storage spaces, barns, basements and attics. And many don't want to manage that kind of stuff.  People want to focus on healthy lifestyles, good relationships and good work in their professional life. 

What we do need is to use what little land we have left to build sustainable communities for us to call home, places we want to stay in because they are well designed and fit our lives. Ithaca is a culture-rich area, full of hiking trails, concerts, dances, interesting lectures, classes and places to just have fun (lakes, streams, parks). There are many great locally-owned businesses to check out. It keeps the money in our community, helping us to grow here and make here better.

So, manageable-sized homes in neighborhoods with others can help us enjoy life. Tiny Timber can be that."

Thank you for you words Carol! We will continue to do our best to promote affordable, sustainable housing with an emphasis on community.