solar farm

Solar Array

The panels are up to supply power for the new houses! The Tiny Timber prototypes are still under construction so for the time being, we are generating a surplus of power. Any excess power we produce will be put into the grid. A lot of the power being generated is used by the Stone Quarry House. However if we end up producing more power than we use at the end of the year, then NYSEG (New York State Electric & Gas) will compensate us for the energy we provided at wholesale price! Nothing goes to waste and we provide renewable energy to the grid.

We want to coincide building solar panels with our Tiny Timber developments because it's a great investment. The initial cost may seem deterring, but in the long run it saves money. There are governmental tax credits and assistance to help with building and investing in solar power and other forms of renewable energy. At the end of the day, not being burdened by monthly utility bills is a huge relief.

In the future we hope to set up solar farms affiliated with our Tiny Timber developments. Recent legislature has allowed any party to produce energy from a remote location and use the power produced for their personal home. These solar farms will be built offsite. They will bank KW hours for those who want to buy a share in the solar farm. This will offset their energy expenses each month and greatly reduce their utility bills. We are thrilled about the opportunity that this will bring for those interested in living in one of our homes.