Join Our Team

Tiny Timber is looking to grow! In order to do so we need to find qualified individuals to collaborate with to expand our team and our reach. We are looking for regional builders, developers and contractors to assemble our Tiny Timber kits beyond the reach of our local operations in Ithaca, New York. Our goal is to manufacture kits which will then be shipped to our partners for them to assemble and capitalize on.

Since developing and building takes a high level of expertise, we do have certain requirements for qualification:

  • We require that you have a high level of experience whether it be in building or developing.

  • You must be comfortable with the process of heavy rigging and have access or can gain access to appropriate heavy machinery.

  • There will need to be a period of training for your head builder or builders in assembling our kits so they can learn how the kits are put together

  • It is necessary that you have the suitable crew or the ability to partner with suitable third parties that have been trained in assembly of our kits in order to fully manage the complete process of building and developing.


We want to insure that our homes are built to the highest standards to uphold the integrity of our product and our company. After the requirements are met, we will issue license allowing for exclusive rights to assemble our Tiny Timber kits in your established geographic area. Please contact us if this sounds like a good fit for you and we look forward to working with you!